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Commercial sessions are held at a specified venue of your choice. Area of service: Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Baulkham Hills, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Beaumont Hills, Annangrove, Kings Langley, Stanhope Gardens, The Ponds and The Hills District.

Office Yoga

Among its many beneficial effects, yoga has been shown to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and improve psychological well-being. One of the most prominent results, of course, is stress reduction. As a result of this, some companies are introducing the practice of yoga in the workplace as a way to help their employees cope with the demands of a busy work environment. Office yoga can be practised on a one-on-one basis or a small group consisting of two or more people. We aim to give you the flexibility of our class, by giving you a simple practice that focuses on what your needs are whether it's for posture, well-being or state of mind. This session type, it’s about giving you the convenience and choice to be able to schedule your practice to suit your busy schedule. 

Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga is bringing the practice of yoga into your business environment; it’s tailored for a larger group of employees at different fitness levels. Companies are recognising the workforce of modern society being time poor but desire to have a lifestyle that focuses on improving fitness level and general health and well-being. By offering corporate yoga, you as the company can positively impact the business by endorsing yoga as a group incentive, boost morale and team cohesion. Tree Pose Yoga classes are fun and exciting, we believe, your team will undoubtedly feel the benefits of yoga. Examples of corporate yoga are; Group Seminars, Team building days & Professional Development Programs.

School Yoga

Tree Pose Yoga is offering classes for primary schools. Our classes are structured in a way that allows children to develop at their pace with the help and support of a professional yoga teacher through games, group practice, and guided relaxation. This method of yoga encourages developing minds and bodies to grow in a creative and fun environment. Tree Pose Yoga for schools can be experienced by a group of students or faculty members. School Yoga aims to improve posture and strength and reduce the stress experienced by students and teacher.

TAFE & University Yoga

Tree Pose Yoga extends our classes to offer individual practice or small group practice for students in University, TAFE or college students. The life of a student is a highly stressful one with pressures to excel and succeed to obtain the best possible career when they complete their degree or diploma. TAFE & University Yoga aims to ease this pressure by focusing on techniques that calm the mind and produce positive well-being. Our classes can be tailored to cope with these demands with gentle postures, guided relaxation, breathing and balance techniques. Practising yoga has its benefits, benefits that TAFE and universities are recognising. It is for this reason that we extend our classes to offer yoga for this group. Over time, we believe those who practice yoga will learn discipline, strength and techniques that help manage stress. At the same time, encourage them to live a healthy active lifestyle.

Gym & Wellness Center Yoga

Our team here at Tree Pose Yoga understands the growing popularity of yoga and that the practice of yoga is no longer restricted to private yoga studios. Today, health-conscious individuals are now asking their local gyms or wellness centres to include yoga classes as part of their memberships. As a result of this need, we take the opportunity to be able to provide our services to gyms and wellness centres, which may require a substitute yoga teacher or a teacher to teach on a regular basis. Allowing GYMs & Wellness Centres to provide a diverse range of service for their clients. 

Retirement Village Yoga

We at Tree Pose Yoga, provide a gentle way to live an active lifestyle. That is inclusive and can be tailored to suit anyone, even seniors who may be challenged in their mobility. Our services extend to include retirement villages where two or more people can enjoy yoga. Our classes aim to support seniors to achieve their best self and feel stronger. Yoga will relax the body and energise the soul – creating strength and mobility for all seniors.


For enquiries regarding our commercial sessions, feel free to send us a message below.