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Yoga at the Office

Yoga has many wonderful benefits its been shown to increase strength, flexibility, balance, and improve psychological well-being. Proven to reduce stress companies have started to incorporate yoga within company wellness programs. 

In promoting health and wellness we aim to assist you as business leaders by offering Office Yoga,  we understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to their own wellness. Most especially in an office environment where every person has their own unique roles in different environments. Some on computers all day, others on the phone or on their feet the whole time. As such, we don’t believe there is just one way to experience the full benefits of yoga which is why we have developed a customised approach to yoga practice. 


There are different types of yoga we offer for the Office these are;

60 mins yoga- a full practice that includes stretches, holding poses and following a vinyasa flow that is tailored to the type of work. Suited for decreasing stress and increasing energy levels in the office.

  • Up to 20 staff members*
  • Price: $200

45 mins yoga - a condensed practice suitable for those who just want a quick pick me up stretch to decrease tension levels during the day it can be done during the lunch period. 

  • Up to 20 staff members*
  • Price: $170

30 mins yoga - incorporating meditation and mindfulness. Solely focusing on breathing, meditation and being in the moment, incorporates some light stretches

  • Up to 20 staff members*
  • Price: $120

*$10.00 for each additional staff member, if attendance exceeds 20 staff members

*Receive 10% off when 2 or more sessions are paid for in advance


Yoga at the Office is suitable for all physical levels including people who are new to yoga, beginners or anyone who is generally interested in learning more about yoga. No experience or flexibility is necessary, just an openness to learn. We can tailor sessions based on company’s needs and circumstances.

What are the benefits

  • reduce stress
  • increase focus
  • improve posture
  • increase confidence 
  • boost morale
  • improve digestion
  • increase energy
  • improve breathing
  • increase flexibility

What to expect on the day

Our instructor will arrive 15 minutes prior to a session, kindly ensure that there is adequate space at your workplace to cater for everyone to move freely and comfortably. We recommend your staff wear loose, comfortable clothing that their body can move freely in, bring a bottle of water and their own yoga mat or alternatively a towel.

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