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Soulful Soundwaves



An experience that goes far beyond music and yoga, this is a 90-minute musical journey like no other.

For the first time, Soulful Soundwaves is coming to Castle Hill, and boy does Tree Pose Yoga have a treat in store.

On Friday 30 November, we’re proud to host a blissful evening of meditative music and gentle movement.

During this immersion, Soulful Soundwaves’ unique and highly effective brain-entraining music will massage your mind and body into a deep and beautiful, relaxing brainwave state on demand. Subtle frequencies embedded within their soothing music will help quieten that busy mind, allowing you to completely switch off and immerse in a journey of discovery within.

By simply surrendering to the powerful combination of music and yoga, this sensory session will effectively rebalance and reboot both mind and body.

During the first 60 minutes, a gentle hypnotic and purposely composed soundscape will accompany and guide you through a beautiful slow and nurturing yoga sequence led by Tree Pose Yoga’s very own Samantha Sese. Concluding the session by surrendering to live music in a 30-minute savasana by Soulful Soundwaves.

You will leave this special event with your mind and body feeling deeply relaxed, centred and connected. 

Be part of this unique experience and join Soulful Soundwaves and Samantha Sese at Tree Pose Yoga on Friday 30 November at 7 pm.

Here’s what Soulful Soundwaves’ listeners are saying: 

“That was an amazing experience. The music completely captured my busy mind and brought me to a very peaceful place"

“Absolutely loved, loved, loved this incredible musical retreat.”

“The tones and sounds are very peaceful and work amazingly well to get you into a great meditative state.”

“I was able to release blockages I didn’t even know I had through this experience. I feel so light and alive.”

Soulful Soundwaves is a company dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life and provide relief from major problems such as stress and anxiety through the use of music. Using an incredible blend of composed and live music incorporating binaural beats to synchronise the brain into a particular brainwave state, Soulful Soundwaves creates powerful sessions appealing to meditators as well as non-meditators. No active effort is required to reach a state of peacefulness – their music naturally takes you there.

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