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Yoga for Back Pain

Yoga for Back Pain


For a lot of us our precious times are spent enjoying what life has to offer whether it be at the office, gardening, cycling or running. So its only natural that we experience some form of back tension. If that sounds like you then this workshop will benefit you.

In our workshop we will guide you through poses that will aid in releasing your back tension as well as focusing on strengthening core and lower back.

What are the benefits

  • back release
  • core strength by use of your pelvic floor.
  • techniques to use at the office 
  • poses to do before and after your running/physical exercise
  • back strength
  • how to use posture to help with back tension
  • learn how to use different types of yoga props

What to expect

Our workshop will aim to empower you by supporting your movements and poses to alleviate your back tension. You would be surprised how common back tension is experienced by everyone and that includes Samantha. 

Samantha also suffered from lower back tension through her work as a registered nurse and martial arts training. She will demonstrate her go to poses that helped her to release her back tension. Sam will also provide tips on getting into poses to decrease strain on the lower back.


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