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Blue's Point Sydney - Luxe Picnic with 'Love This Charmed Life'

lux picnic luxury picnic luxury Picnic Sydney

I love the outdoors and being around nature, its just something about it that makes it so peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable. I also find it comforting after a busy week. Yes, I do enjoy my time away from yoga to help me unwind too.

Speaking of being outdoors what I have experienced recently is a luxury picnic (also known a luxe/lux picnic). What a better way to celebrate a special event in the outdoors with a backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House. 

A special thank you goes to 'Love This Charmed Life' for letting us film the luxe picnic . If you need a break after the lockdown, or there is special event to be celebrated with family and friends; why not have a luxe picnic with 'Love This Charmed Life'?🧺 🥂



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