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Our one-on-one yoga has its perks, not only do we tailor your practice according to your personal strengths and goal. This session would suit individuals who prefer practising at their pace, have concerns brought about by a physical injury or have specific needs and prefer to work in close collaboration with a personal mentor to coach their practice. Our One-on-one yoga is designed specifically to cater for everybody. Our practice will take into consideration your physical strength and capability.


Group Yoga with Tree Pose Yoga can be enjoyed in small groups of two or more. It is no fuss, work at your pace session will bring your family, friends or colleagues, together. We can tailor our classes for beginners or experienced yoga practitioners. Typical examples for group yoga includes family activities, birthday celebrations, team building and a lot more. The session will consist of Personal practice, Vinyasa flow and Guided relaxation. Our group yoga will inspire your family, friends or colleagues to live a healthy active lifestyle.