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Personalized Yoga Experiences Tailored Just for You

One-on-One Yoga: Your Personal Wellness Journey

Our individualized yoga sessions offer a unique, tailor-made experience that focuses on your specific strengths and goals. These sessions are perfect for those who wish to practice at their own pace, have particular physical concerns, or desire a more personalized mentorship in their yoga journey. We design each one-on-one session with your physical capabilities in mind, ensuring a practice that is as unique as you are.

Group Yoga: Community and Connection

Experience the joy of yoga in a community setting with Tree Pose Yoga's Group Sessions. Whether it's a small gathering of friends or a larger team-building event, our flexible, pace-friendly classes are perfect for everyone—from yoga novices to seasoned practitioners. Our group sessions are ideal for various occasions, including family get-togethers, birthday celebrations, and corporate team-building events. Each session is a balanced blend of Personal Practice, Vinyasa Flow, and Guided Relaxation, designed to inspire a healthy, active lifestyle among your family, friends, or colleagues.

For bookings and enquiries, feel free to call 1300 664 442 or send us a message below.
Instructor: Samantha Sese
Office: 1300 664 442
Address: Unit 29/7 Hoyle Avenue, Castle Hill 2154