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Breathe, Meditate & Restore Workshop

Date: Tue, Feb 27 2018
Time: 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Breathing and meditation is a great way to calm one’s inner sense of self. It’s the internal movement of the breath along with deepening of the chest to create a harmony that can enhance our creativity and clarity of the mind. It is about focusing on the present – it’s this simple action that one can use to help meditate to clear the mind of any thoughts and doubts. Our workshop on breathing and meditation aims to help you along with the movement by guiding you step by step to get you into line with this practice. You can then benefit from this practice by incorporating it into a daily part of your life.

This workshop concludes with a restorative practice using the aids of props such as bolsters, yoga block, blankets and belts. A blend of restorative poses can help boost your energy and calm the mind.

What are the benefits

- calmness
- clarity of thought
- relaxation
- stillness
- self-control
- awareness of thought
- learn different breathing techniques
- learn how to use different types of yoga props

What to expect

In this workshop we will guide you through the movements, a step by step of when and how deeply to breathe, we will then finish this off with a restorative session where certain props such as a bolster or eye pillow will be used to get you in the zone to focus on this moment. This is a one-hour session, plenty of time to enjoy the practice within this workshop and provide feedback on other areas you want to improve on.

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