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Inversions for Beginners


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Our workshop on Inversions for Beginners focuses on the forearm stand, handstands, and shoulder stand poses. We will help you by gaining confidence so you can benefit from these poses. Forearm and handstand pose strengthens the arms, shoulders, core and back by aligning your spine and improving your balance. Handstands invert the body helping to reverse the adverse effects of gravity. Inversions help to stimulate our system boosting your energy, which can contribute to reducing levels of stress. Handstand practice allows you to deepen your yoga practice taking what you already know a little further through the increase of upper body strength and balance.

For those who shy away from exerting pressure on their wrists, forearm poses are recommended. Forearm standing pose is a slight variation of the handstand, which places less burden on the wrist. In turn, build your upper body strength and flexibility. Our shoulder stand practice aims to provide you with the support and technique to be able to practice these poses independently. While these poses can be quite challenging, it can be helpful when one is feeling rundown. The shoulder stand uses your shoulder strength to hoist your body in an inverted position increasing your body's circulation and relaxing the heart. This movement creates a calming effect on your mind and body that helps to revitalise your energy.

Inversions have a multitude of benefits which contributes to reducing heart pressure by providing a full body workout that strengthens your arms, shoulders and core. This pose, not only challenges your base, but it can also be helpful in increasing metabolism, calming the mind and reducing stress.

What are the benefits

  • Aligns the spine to improve your balance
  • Stimulate and boost your energy
  • Strengthens arms & shoulders
  • Reduce stress
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Increase relaxation
  • Builds core strength

Who is this workshop for

This workshop is for beginners or anyone who want to improve on their inversions. No experience is necessary. If you do not feel confident, rest assured you will be closely supervised by an instructor. We would like your inversion practice to be a positive experience as much as possible.

What to expect

In this workshop, we will guide you through each preparatory movements and various poses that lead up to the inverted pose. It is not compulsory to perform all the inversions or exercises; you are more than welcome to watch, observe and ask questions during the workshop. The workshop will run for one hour with plenty of breaks in between. All inversions will be performed on soft mats, against the wall and under instructors supervision.

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