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October Giveaway: Enjoy $65 In Exclusive Gifts With Your 10-Class Pass!

Enjoy $65 in Exclusive Free Gifts, with a 10-class pass purchase before October 29th. Here's what you get...

Early Bird Special: The first ten customers will receive a complimentary eye pillow (valued at $20) with the following:

  • $10 online gift voucher for Samantha Sese Online Store.
  • One Super Massive Scrunchie (valued at $20).
  • One Make Up Bag (valued at $15).

A total value of $65!!! 

To grab this deal before October 29th, 2023, simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit or call us at 1300 664 442 to purchase your 10-class pass.*
  2. Notify us of your purchase via email, phone, or in-person visit.
  3. Receive your $10 online gift voucher for Samantha Sese Online Store via email.

Step Up Your Yoga, Step Up Your Rewards, all yours with a 10-class pass.

Extend Your Pass Expiry!
Rest assured, we understand life happens. Your 10-class pass may be extended in special circumstances upon request.

Here's some photos of our Super Massive Scrunchies, Eye Pillow and Make up Bag.

A variety of make up bag designs coming soon. Stay tuned.

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