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Sam's Quick Tips | How to do Forward Fold

Today's yoga tip is focused on seated forward bends. I mentioned before that I had tight hamstrings. Well, this was one of the poses that I struggled with the most. One of the reasons I had tight hamstrings was because of the position of my pelvis. 

In this tip, I demonstrate how you can use a prop such as a blanket to give you support under the hips. This support provides you with height and makes it easier to fold forward from your hips and not your lower back. The primary stretch for any forward bend is to release the back and the secondary stretch is the hamstrings. By bending the knee of the leg that is out straight also helps to bend forward from your hips. 

I hope you enjoy this tip. Let me know how you go in your practice...Happy practicing 🧘🏻‍♀️

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