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Yoga For Runners

I hope you enjoyed this video and found my tips very helpful for an easier, enjoyable and pain free running session. Living a healthy active lifestyle doesn't have to be all about going to gym or the studio.

Yoga poses shown in the video in order of appearance:

1. Low lunge
2. Lunge variation (twist)
3. Low lunge variation (low lunge with quad stretch)
4. Half splits pose
5. Runner’s lunge/ High lunge
6. Standing forward fold
7. Crescent lunge
8. Crescent lunge variation
9. Standing forward fold
10. Extended mountain pose
11. Mountain pose variation
12. Dancer Pose (easier option for number 3)
13. Warrior II
14. Triangle pose
15. Reverse warrior
16. Side lunge
17. Standing forward fold
18. Mountain pose

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