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Begin with Yoga

I don’t know about you but does a year happen too quickly? I can’t believe that 2018 is already upon us. I seem to remember last year just like it was yesterday being in a cosy restaurant in Paris and right across the road overlooking us is the well lit up Eiffel Tower. In that very moment, I thought of plans for the future things to accomplish, things to see and do and of course things to change.

Many things were accomplished, like finally getting on the ski lifts in Perisher to snowboard down the mountain. Mind you I fell hard on my butt many times, but still, I made it down. I finally watched a movie at the cinema by myself because I had this silly notion that you don’t go alone.

It was indeed a year of accomplishments and non-accomplishments. But rather than pondering on what I could’ve done differently and what I didn’t do I am going to plan to do things in another way this year. Rather than goals being tangible things, I am going to focus on me, my inner self, and I found this in yoga.

I aim to be more mindful this year I am going practice being in the moment more. I will enjoy my train ride home without the use of my technology.

I am going to focus on being calm which means when things don’t go the way I planned I would not stress about it and move on to coming up with solutions.

I am going to be confident this year. I will set goals and accomplish them. I will stop making excuses that become reasons for not achieving them. As an example, I’m going to master the headstand or at least hold the pose for one minute.

Importantly I am making 2018 a year that I focus on my well being, and I want just to be happy. It’s the year to make positive changes in my life whether it be sticking to a healthy routine such as yoga or setting those goals and being confident in accomplishing them and if it's not achieved never give up and just to keep trying.

By Menchie with The Green Glasses


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