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Replenished And Ready To Start The New Year

By Menchie with the Green Glasses
Tree Pose Team

Christmas is a word, I long to hear, as soon as the decors go up in my local shopping centre. Christmas also means, presents, the abundance of food, chocolates, last minute gifts, grocery shopping, gift wrapping, beautiful decors, cooking and dishwashing for all family and friends get-togethers.

As a result, my body and feet are sore. It's the silly season indeed. Let 's be honest ladies and gentlemen. We should be able to say "Hey! We've done the work in executing a delicious and enjoyable Christmas party for the family and friends." We deserve time for ourselves now. We need to slow down and invigorate.

To restore one's energies can come in many forms; a brunch date, retail therapy, beauty therapy or in my case a Gentle Yoga* class. A class that focuses on gentle stretches and twists helped eased my upper body aches and pains. After attending just one Gentle Yoga class, I feel replenished and ready to start the new year on a high note.

*Gentle Yoga ends 31 Dec 2017 

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