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I went shopping at T2 bought some tea, but can you guess what's in the black box??

Hi Everyone👋🏻 😁,

I will now be serving T2 tea at the studio, so you are welcome to taste test a variety of T2 tea at the studio after your class. Do you know what’s inside the Black box? Let me know in the comment section. The reveal will be in my next video.

This is the T2 tea I'll be serving at the studio this week:

👉🏻 Fruitalicious Loose Leaf
👉🏻 Strawberries & Cream Loose Leaf
👉🏻 Relax Loose Leaf

Here are the next tea I'm thinking about serving. Let me know what you think of them:

👉🏻Green Rose Loose Leaf Tea
👉🏻Sweet Dreams Loose Leaf Tea
👉🏻 Black Rose Loose Leaf Tea

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