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Happy Australia Day


Australia Day is almost here. I just wanted to share a few things that I bring and do on Australia Day.

#1 Australia Day Tote Bag 

Australia Day Tote Bag

To carry all my gear. Especially great for heading to the beach on Australia Day. (I bought this from a discount store in Bondi Junction).

#2 Australia Day Kangaroo with Baby Joey

Kangaroo & bay joey

Its quite cute and I use it to play with my puppy dog Buffy. (I bought this from Red Dollar).

#3 Australia Day Inflatable Beach Ball

Australia Day Beach Ball

So easy to pack and easy to play with especially with the little ones. Buy it here

#4 Australia Day Inflatable Tyre

Australia Day Inflatable Tyre

This is great for when I'm tired and just want to laze about. I use this, all the time. Buy it here

#5 Australia Day Beach Towel

Australia Day Beach TowelAustralia Day Beach Towel (unwrapped)

It’s a pretty awesome towel for Australia Day. Buy it here

#6 Australia Day Hat

Australia Day Hat

I bought this hat last year and I like to use the same one. It’s great if you have wet hair and a pony tail. (I bought this from a discount store in Bondi Junction)

#7 Sunscreen


As always you need protection from the harsh Aussie sun rays. The brand I use is a Cancer Council brand with SPF 50 +. What I love about it; it is a moisturising sunscreen so it doesn’t dry out my skin and it also contains aloe vera and vitamin E. And It’s made in Australia. (This can be purchased at your local chemist or cancer council store).

#8 Australia Day Drink Bottle & Lanyard Drink Holder

Australia Day Drink Bottle

For the times I get thirsty, especially if its a scorcher. And If you don’t want to bring a water bottle and you want to use a disposable, you can use a handy Australia Day lanyard to clip onto your water bottle. (I bought this from Red Dollar).

#9 Australia Day Thongs

Australia Day Thongs

I just find my Australia Day Thongs (Buy it here) cute and great to wear especially on Australia Day.

Awesome Snacks to brink at the Beach 

  • Lamingtons with Australia day mini flag toothpicks
  • Vegemite sandwiches
  • Bananas as a healthy treat not just for yourself but family & friends

By the way If you are coming into the studio this Australia Day Long weekend we will also be serving lamingtons.

I love to go to the beach and I try to go to the beach as often as I can. With family & friends & especially during Australia Day.  

If I don't see you this long weekend, I hope you have an amazing weekend and Happy Australia Day!!!

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