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Mums and Bubs

Our mums and bubs yoga provides an opportunity to bond with your baby while also taking care of your mind and body, get healthy while connecting with your bub. Together with our lovely instructor first time Mum Umi, you will have the chance to work on areas of tightness in your body and build your strength back up after your pregnancy.


  • Instructor: Umi Aizawa
  • When: 30 Oct 2019 - 4 Dec 2019
  • Day: Every Wednesday
  • Time: 11.00 am
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • $120.00 (6 sessions for term 4) 
  • Where: Tree Pose Yoga
  • Address: Unit 29, 7 Hoyle Ave, Castle Hill
  • Space is limited


    Our Mums and Bub’s yoga is recommended for babies ages six weeks to one year. No experience or flexibility is necessary, just an openness to learn and discover whether yoga is for you.

    What are the benefits

    • Connect with your pelvic floor to strengthen and tone
    • Develop core strength by activating the abdominals with your pelvic floor
    • Relieve stress in the neck and shoulders
    • Release tension in the back and strengthening it
    • Open the heart to feel more kindness and patience
    • Find different ways to relax in the hectic world of being a mum
    • Meet and get to know other mothers in our community
    • And just a special way to bond with your little one

    What to expect

    Our classes are very casual and informal, and we encourage you to be as relaxed as you want to be as the class structure is flexible. With classes at one hour long, Umi will guide you through recommended yoga poses that incorporate your child if they are not restless. Don’t stress, we will make sure that you will be able to benefit from the effects of yoga even with your baby in tow. 

    Of course, we understand that your child has needs and can cry, and that is perfectly fine and normal! Remember, everyone in the class has a baby, and they will have different needs at different times. If your baby cries, feed them, comfort them, change them. We will make your experience is an enjoyable one, so blankets and yoga mats are available to use free of charge, of course, if your child has a favourite toy then feel free to bring that in too.

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